Guide To Using the Webstore



The following is a walkthough on placing and order in our webstore.  If you have any further questions either contact your salesperson directly, or email us at



1.   Sign in using your name and password.

2.  Click on the Order Now button located on the upper right hand side of the home page

3.  Select an available date for delivery on the calendar

4.  Click on one of the three View buttons in the upper right hand corner of the page to select the view you wish to shop in.

A. The first View is text only in a list format.

B.  The second view is test with a small thumbnail picture to the right in a list format.

C.  The third view is large Thumbnails in a tile Format.

5.  Click on one of the Main Category buttons of the products you wish to purchase.  They are the 7 buttons immediately next to the home button to the upper left hand part of the page.

6.  Find an item you wish to purchase, enter the quantity you wish to purchase of the item, and press the ADD TO CART button.

A. Our units of measure are a literal translation.

1.   This means if you want 1 bunch of an item, you select 1. 

2.  If you want a bunch of product listed in stems you need to enter the total amount of stems (i.e. if you want 75 carnations, you will need to enter them as 75, not 3 bunches)

3.  If you want a box of flowers, you will need to enter the total quantity of the box (I.e. if you want to buy a pompon cdn assorted packed 16, you will need to enter the item as 16 bunches, not 1 box)

7.  Continue to add items until you are ready to check out.  You can edit the totals in the item as it appears in the inventory, in the cart, or even in the expanded photo.  You can remove items in the card by clicking on the X next to the item.

8.  Click the Checkout button

9.  Review your order and make sure is it exactly what you want.

A. If you need to edit the cart again, click on the back button of your browser, or click any of the category buttons on top.

10.            Select pickup or delivery, and review your shipping information. 

A. If it is accurate, make any notes we need to know about in the instructions/comments section.

B.  Be sure to enter an after hours phone number you can be reached at, in case we need to contact you, and also enter an email address where you would like your order confirmation to be sent to

11. Click on complete order

A. Your should see the words SUCCESS with a order number.

12.            Your order is complete.