A Perri Farms, Inc. is a full service wholesale cut flower and floral supply distributor servicing the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut Tri-state area. We also ship express and ground delivery nationwide. We are a third generation family owned business that operates a 15,000 square foot facility located in Central Long Island.  We take pride in providing the highest quality farm direct fresh flowers and floral supplies to our customers at competitive prices.

Our flowers are imported directly from various countries such as Ecuador, Colombia, Holland, Italy, Japan, Thailand, Peru and New Zealand.  We also support Canadian producers, and domestic growers throughout the United States. With our many diversified sources, we welcome your special orders for everyday business operations, weddings and other events.

In addition to flowers, we distribute an all-encompassing line of floral supplies which includes glass, baskets, ribbons, wedding and funeral supplies, foams, corsage items, acolytes, acrylics, balloons and much more.  Our buyers continually source new products and work closely with reputable companies to stay on the cutting edge of industry trends.

We stock seasonal dish gardens and plants for your added convenience and offer a gourmet food line for your gift basket needs.

At A. Perri Farms, Inc., we place priority on relationships and work hard to keep your business growing.








In 1959 Anthony Perry Sr.(First Generation) with his two sons, John and Anthony Jr. (Second Generation), purchased a 10,000 square foot greenhouse in Ronkonkoma, New York. Having some experience with growing Chrysanthemums as an outside fall crop in the backyard of the family home in Sayville, New York, they proceeded to grow a year round crop of Standard Mums in the greenhouse.  Soon needing more growing space they erected another 10,000 square foot greenhouse plus three smaller ones.  They did become quite renowned mum growers on Long Island, shipping their product to the flower market wholesalers in New York City.  Anthony Sr. and Anthony Jr., with the help of their wives Angelina and Nancy, continued to grow-extending into other crops- roses, calla lilies, iris, etc. The knowledge and work ethic learned from the first and second generation was passed on to the now third generation.


                                         Anthony Perry Jr. 1965                                                                                      Anthony Perry Sr. & Anthony Perry Jr. 1962

Anthony Perry III (Third Generation) Founder of A. Perri Farms, Inc. chose a path within the industry, building upon his roots of the generations before him.


In 1981 Anthony III, having recently graduated from Dupage Horticultural School in West Chicago Illinois, stayed with his family business  and helped them plunge into the production of bedding plants as a spring and summer crop and poinsettias as a winter crop.  Over time, with the introduction of flower production from South America and the prohibitive cost of fuel in the Northeast, it no longer became profitable enough for the family to continue to grow on Long Island. So in 1982, Anthony III and his now current wife Trina, moved together to Florida to start a growing operation in the South.





So together Anthony (having the experience of his family business) and his wife (a recent graduate of the University of Florida with a BS degree in Horticulture) started the foundation of what was to become A. Perri Farms, Inc.


In 1987, Anthony III pushed to grow standard and miniature carnations marketing them to local florists and eventually to local wholesalers. Their growing production expanded and gypsophila, delphinium, statice, snapdragons, calla lilies etc. were eventually grown and shipped to wholesalers throughout the eastern portion of the United States.  South American imports continued to weigh heavy on the profitability of growing domestically. So after having 2 sons and the years of growing and shipping experience in the south, they made a strategic decision to move back to the New York market area and start a wholesale floral operation. So In 1994, A. Perri Farms, Inc. was launched.


Throughout the years A. Perri Farms and its dedicated staff have worked tirelessly to build relationships with local florists, event planners and businesses within the floral industry and we look forward to many more years serving our customer’s needs.